EU Ecosystem For Monitoring Of Post-Licensure Vaccine Benefit And Risk: From ADVANCE To Vac4EU conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 6th March 2019.

Royal Academy
Rue Ducale 1
1000 Brussels, Belgium

The ADVANCE public-private consortium was launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) in 2013 to bring together all major stakeholder groups interested in the post-marketing monitoring of the health benefits and risks of vaccines. The consortium has demonstrated that the wealth of existing real-world health care data in the EU can be used to generate actionable evidence on vaccine coverage, benefits, and risks (see flyer).

The event will address the importance of public private collaboration, heterogeneity of data sources, ability to use real world evidence in decision making in the context of the post-marketing vaccine benefit/risk monitoring.

Goal of the conference:

1.       Demonstrate how ADVANCE has created solutions and a trusted environment to generate evidence on post-licensure coverage, benefits and risk of vaccinations from existing real-world data across different countries

2.       Debate whether and how this may help in maintaining confidence in vaccination programs, which is currently at stake with large impact on return of vaccine preventable disease throughout Europe;

3.       Demonstrate tools and best practices Increase chances of sustainable funding and support.

4.       Present and discuss the VAC4EU association which aims to implement the ADVANCE Blueprint.

The preliminary programme and agenda can be consulted hereTo register for the event please click here.