Projects of interest

ADVANCE is interested in initiatives on benefit-risk monitoring and related areas, in the field of vaccines and other. To learn, share knowledge and/or collaborate with. This can include projects that work on benefit and risk methods, models and data, but also related areas of technical infrastructures and code of conduct, governance and workflows of (multistakeholder) partnerships. If you are involved or know about projects that could potentially be relevant to the work of ADVANCE, please let us know more, click here to submit a project.

List of Identified Projects of Interest:

"Multi-stakeholder collaborative framework to develop an integrated, transdisciplinary, strategy, which will take place at different stages of the research cycle, combining local, regional and national levels. "

BCoDE - Burden of Communicable Diseases in Europe
"To estimate the burden of communicable diseases applying composite health measures (DALYs: Disability Adjusted Life Years) in order to summarize the overall burden in one single metric and therefore to compare the relative burden of each communicable disease."

BIG - Big Data Public Private Forum
"Define and implement a clear strategy that tackles the necessary efforts in terms of research and innovation, but it will also provide a major boost for technology adoption and supporting actions from the European Commission in the successful implementation of the Big Data economy."

BIOVACSAFE - Biomarkers of Vaccine Safety
"To develop cutting edge tools to speed up and improve the testing and monitoring of vaccine safety, both before and after release to the market."

CDISC - Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
"Developing and supporting global, platform-independent data standards that enable information system interoperability to improve medical research and related areas of healthcare."

CHIC - Community Health Information Classification and Coding
"Developing a European minimum basic data set for the delivery and management of health care in an exciting, innovative and practical way."

E-COM@EU - Effective Communication in Outbreak Management: development of an evidence-based tool for Europe
"Developing effective communication during an infectious disease outbreak."

EMA art. 57 - Electronic submission of medicinal product information by marketing-authorisation holders
"Electronic submission of medicinal product information by marketing-authorisation holders."

EMIF - European Medical Information Framework
"To create an environment that allows for efficient re-use of existing health data. Within the EMIF-platform topic, research into a broad range of aspects dealing with re-use of health data will be addressed."

EnCEPP - European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance
"European network to conduct independent post-authorisation studies on safety and benefit risk."

ESEN2 - European Sero-Epidemiology Network 2
"Coordination and harmonisation of serological surveillance of immunity to a variety of vaccine preventable infections."

eTRIKS - European Translational Information & Knowledge Management Services
"Building a sustainable IMI translation research informatics/knowledge management platform."

EU2P - European Programme in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology
"Online training programme."

EU-IBD - European Invasive Bacterial Diseases Surveillance Network
"Surveillance of all invasive bacterial infections caused by N. meningitidies, H. influenzae and S. pneumonia. No recent report since transfer to ECDC but countries members are still active."

EUPATI - European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation
"Education of patient representatives and lay public on personalized medicine, trial design/conduct, safety and benefit-risk."

"Surveillance network for selected vaccine-preventable diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis)."

GBD - Global Burden of Disease
"Collaborative effort to quantify the comparative magnitude of health loss to diseases, injuries, and risk factors by age, sex, and geography over time."

"Preparing for a multilateral, multipurpose, global public health information network."

GRIP - Global Research Initiative in Pediatrics
"To facilitate the development, and promote the availability, of medicines for children."

I-MOVE - Influenza Monitoring of Vaccine Effectiveness
"Annual influenza VE estimates at European level as soon as possible after the start of a seasonal influenza epidemic or a pandemic and monitoring it along the course of the epidemic/pandemic."

Mini-Sentinel initiative / PRISM
"To create an active surveillance system - the Sentinel System - to monitor the safety of FDA-regulated medical products."

Parent - PAtient REgistries iNiTiative
"Supporting EU Member States in developing comparable and interoperable patient registries in clinical fields of identified importance (e.g. chronic diseases, medical technology). The aim is to rationalize the development and governance of interoperable patient registries, thus enabling the use of secondary data for public health and research purposes in cross-organizational and cross-border setting."

"To provide a platform for patients to share and learn from real-world, outcome-based health data. Also aligning patient and industry interests through data-sharing partnerships."

PHARMASECURITY - Pharmaceuticals and Security: The Role of Public-Private Collaborations in Strengthening Global Health Security
"Improving our understanding of the role that pharmaceutical companies play in shaping contemporary health security policy, and to explore how the emerging (but also politically sensitive) partnerships with pharmaceutical companies can be responsibly managed in the years ahead."

PHARMATRAIN - Pharmaceutical Medicine Training Programme
"Creating a new multi-modular Diploma / Master Level- three tier Programme for Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine / Drug Development sciences, based on the Bologna credit and title system with 60+ ECTS credits and a new teaching syllabus."

PROMOVAX - Promote Vaccinations among Migrant Populations in Europe
"To promote immunizations among migrant populations in Europe, thus contributing to the elimination of vaccine preventable diseases in the region & reducing social inequalities in health."

PROTECT - Pharmacoepidemiological Research on Outcomes of Therapeutics by a European ConsorTium
"To strengthen the monitoring of the benefit-risk of medicines in Europe, by developing a set of innovative tools and methods that will enhance the early detection and assessment of adverse drug reactions from different data sources, and enable the integration and presentation of data on benefits and risks."

SAFEGUARD - Safety Evaluation of Adverse Reactions in Diabetes
"To assess and further quantify and understand the cardio/cerebrovascular and pancreatic safety of blood glucose lowering agents, in particular the thiazolidinedones (TZDs) and the novel incretin-based drugs and amylin analogues in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients."

TELL ME - Transparent communication in Epidemics: Learning Lessons from experience, delivering effective Messages, providing Evidence
"To provide evidence and to develop models for improved risk communication during infectious disease crises. TELL ME combines public health, social sciences, behavioural sciences, political sciences, law, ethics, communication and media, in order to develop original communication strategies regarding complicated messages and advice based on uncertainties, also addressing vaccine-resistant groups."

TESSy - The European Surveillance System
"Data analysis and production of outputs for public health action, by means of a highly flexible metadata-driven system for collection, validation, cleaning, analysis and dissemination of data."

TRANSFORM/TIRRE - Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe
"To develop rigorous, generic methods for the integration of Primary Care clinical and research activities, to support patient safety and clinical research."

Vaccine Scheduler
"This tool allows for comparison of shedules between two countries and diseases for all or a selection of countries."

Vaccine Sentimeter
"To allow real-time tracking of the mainstream and social media conversation on vaccination."

"To quantify vaccine effects based on state-of-the-art distributed methods, innovative technology, and large populations in a federated approach."

VALIDATA - Validated Data Bank and Dissemination for Prescribers
"To use modern technology, data banks, meta-analysis techniques, computer networks and doctor-friendly terminals to provide the European prescribers with validated information on medical technologies (i.e. drugs, other therapies, strategies for cure, prevention and diagnosis) based on pertinent data."

VaxiTrends Attitudinal Barometer
"To generate a validated tool that can: measure attitudes and perceptions, and How they turn into behaviours; understand drivers and barriers to adult vaccination."