Methodology to estimate the health burden of adverse events following immunization: a contribution from the ADVANCE project

Scott McDonald, Danielle Nijsten, Kaatje Bollaerts, Jorgen Bauwens, Tom de Smedt, Miriam Sturkenboom, Susan Hahne. ISPE 2017 (Poster)

Methodology to assess eligibility of electronic healthcare databases to conduct vaccine coverage, risk and benefits studies in Europe...

Miriam Sturkenboom, Caitlin Dodd, Ana Correa, Hanne Dorthe-Emborg, Talita Duarte-Salles, Elisa Martin, Consuelo Huerta, Silvia Lucchi, Gino Picelli, Lara Tramontan, Lieke van der Aa, Daniel Weibel, Benedikt Becker, Guiseppe Roberto, Marius Gheorge,...

Algorithms to identify pertussis in four European primary care databases - the ADVANCE project

Rosa Gini, Caitlin Dodd, Kaatje Bollaerts, Claudia Bartolini, Giuseppe Roberto, Consuelo Huerta, Elisa Martin, Talita Duarte Salles, Gino Picelli, Lara Tramontan, Benedikt Becker, Charlotte Switzer, Sonja Banga, Jorgen Bauwens, Daniel Weibel, Miriam...

Analytical interrelations between validity indices for validation of case-finding algorithms in healthcare data research: a contribution from ADVANCE

Kaatje Bollaerts, Alexandros Rekkas, Tom De Smedt, Caitlin Dodd, Nick Andrews, Rosa Gini. ISPE 2017 (Oral presentation)

Media Monitoring Of The HPV Vaccines Debate – What The Public Wants To Know And Experts Should Address

Priya Bahri, Julianna Fogd, Irina Caplanusi, Andrej Segec, and Xavier Kurz. Poster presented at ISPE 2016

Disease and exposure misclassification in studies of vaccine effectiveness: a simulation tool

Elizabeth Merrall, Denis Macina, Silvia Perez-Vilar, and Kaat Bollaerts. Poster presented at ISPE 2016

Semi-automatic coding of case definitions

Benedikt Becker, Erik van Mulligen, Daniel Weibel, Miriam Sturkenboom and Jan Kors. Poster presented at ISPE 2016

New methods to estimate vaccination coverage from observational databases

Kaatje Bollaerts, Tom Cattaert, Toon Braeye, Klára Berensci, Marius Gheorge, Vincent Bauchau, Miriam Sturkenboom and Hanne-Dorthe Emborg. Oral presentation at ISPE 2016

Landscape analysis of existing models of public-private interactions in a public health environment: an ADVANCE initiative

Laurence Torcel-Pagnon, Tin Tin Myint Htar, Lisen Arnheim Dahlström, François Simondon, Vincent Bauchau and Xavier Kurz. Poster presented at ISPE 2015