Project Structure

The project structure for ADVANCE has been designed to optimally serve the ultimate objectives of the project. The project revolves around the three needed pillars for the intended framework: data sources (WP3), methods (WP4) and best practice mechanisms (WP1). These form an integrated core "triangle" (see diagram) strengthened by leverage of existing results, initiatives and projects, through synergetic collaboration (WP2), refined and validated through selected proof of concept studies (WP5) and leading to blueprint or model for benefit-risk monitoring of vaccines in Europe (WP7). WP6 provides the necessary coordination, management and communication backbone of the project as a whole.

WP1: Best practice and code of conduct for benefit-risk monitoring of vaccines
Co-leaders: Xavier Kurz (EMA), Vincent Bauchau (GSK)
WP2: Creation of synergies for benefit-risk monitoring in Europe
Co-leaders: Jorgen Bauwens (UNIBAS-UKBB), Mendel Haag (NOVARTIS)
WP3: Data sources for rapid and integrated benefit-risk monitoring
Co-leaders: Simon de Lusignan (SURREY), Alena Khromava (SP)
WP4: Methods for burden of disease, vaccination coverage, vaccine safety & effectiveness, impact and benefit-risk monitoring
Co-leaders: Kaatje Bollaerts (P95), John Weil (TAKEDA)
WP5: Proof-of-concept studies of a framework to perform vaccine benefit-risk monitoring
Co-leaders: Miriam Sturkenboom (EMC), Vincent Bauchau (GSK)
WP6: Project management and communication
Co-leaders: Eva Molero / Natasha Yefimenko (SYNAPSE), Antonella Chiucchiuini (TAKEDA)
WP7: Implementability analysis
Co-leaders: Maarit Kokki / Piotr Kramarz (ECDC)